Nostalgia Meets Technology

Mixxtape® is the cassette reinvented with high-tech enhancements including high-resolution lossless audio, Bluetooth connectivity, HD touchscreen, USB-C port, headphone jack, and it will even play in your boombox or Walkman - yes way!


Let's Get Physical

Mixxtape effortlessly weaves together retro familiarity, unparalleled sound, high-tech functionality and a minimalistic yet subtly aggressive design elevating the music experience from one you simply listen to, to one you can actually feel

Mixxtape on the Come Up

Mixxtape was first developed in 2013 and has since undergone various version updates. The second generation was an instant hit as one of Kickstarter’s top projects raising more than 1200% in funding and reaching customers in over 60 countries. The third generation became a top 10 finalists at the 2019 CES Last Gadget Standing Competition.


    With one simple press, SHOTPUMP quickly and precisely dispenses the perfect amount of liquor for a shot or cocktail

    Patent No. US9561518B1


    SHOOSHIT automatically uses sound masking to eliminate the fear of others hearing you do your most private business

    Patent Pending


    Pretty and powerful, Power Vanity will juice up your devices while keeping you looking fab

    Patent No. US9450432B1

About Paul

Paul Burns is an inventor and entrepreneur who grew up in the 80s fascinated by the powers of music, Tandy computers, sci-fi, cartoons, and pop culture, which formed the basis of his interests as he grew. He became an inventor known for creating fun products with an unexpected convergence of design and function. PAULTHINGS was founded to help Paul further his vision and to be a platform where he shares his inventions.