The Cassette Reinvented

Cassettes were once more than just a collection of songs - they were a unique experience. The sounds, the tangible object, the ability to customize and personalize, the ease of accessibility, and the sense of community all contributed to the magic of cassettes. Music was not just a background noise, it was personal, meaningful, and tangible. Mixxtape, the cassette reinvented, brings back this experience with modern upgrades, including high-resolution lossless audio, Bluetooth connectivity, an HD touchscreen, USB-C port, a headphone jack, and it will even play as an actual cassette in a tape deck.

Key Features:

Lossless Sound Quality

24-bit / 192kHz High Resolution Audio


Connect to Wireless Headphones or Speakers


1-inch 240x240 Full Color TFT Touch Display


8GB Internal Memory / Supports microSD Cards up to 512GB


330mAh Rechargeable Battery with up to 7 Hours of Continuous Playback

Cassette Playback*

Plays as a Cassette in a Boombox or Walkman

Headphone Jack

Connect 3.5mm Wired Headphones

USB Type C

USB-C Connectivity to Charge and Connect to PC or Mac


Supports Firmware Updates

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Power Button: Press and hold for 1 second to power on/off

USB-C Port: Use to charge and transfer music files

3.5mm Jack: Plug in a headphone of choice


Physical volume buttons


The 330mAh rechargeable battery provides up to 7 hours of continuous playback

HD Touchscreen

Navigate using the HD touchscreen

Cassette Playback

The magnetic head allows analog playback in a boombox or Walkman


Over 5,000 Mixxtapes Sold


In Over 60 Countries



Mixxtape Featured In Over 400 Publications

Don't be fooled by its retro appeal, it has all the mod cons you'd expect from a digital music player
Its appeal is clear straight away
If you're craving the feel of an old-school cassette tape, look no further than Mixxtape, a portable music library packed into a case that looks just like a cassette
A Bluetooth-enabled digital music player that doubles as a legitimate cassette - legit as in it will actually play in cassette decks
I love this

Tessa Violet


Mixxtape is covered by U.S. Patent No(s). 9,535,985 & other pending applications and foreign patents.

Cassette Playback

*Mixxtape is limited to the use in tape players that are not equipped with tape movement sensors. Most car stereos are equipped with tape sensors and therefore will not work, but it sounds incredible in a boombox, tape deck, or Walkman.

Who tf is Paul?

Growing up in the 80s, Paul Burns was captivated by the power of music, the Tandy computer, science fiction, cartoons, and pop culture. These interests shaped him into the inventor and entrepreneur he is today, known for creating innovative products that seamlessly merge design and functionality. He founded PAULTHINGS as a platform to share his inventions and bring his vision to life.

Mixxtape History

Mixxtape, first conceived in 2013, has undergone several iterations and updates. The second generation was a huge success, garnering overwhelming support on Kickstarter with more than 1200% funding, and reaching customers in over 60 countries. The third generation was also well-received, earning a spot as one of the top 10 finalists at the prestigious 2019 CES Last Gadget Standing Competition.